5 Pakistani Celebrities And Their Shocking Glow Ups

pakistani celebrities

Do you remember looking at your old school pictures and refusing to recognize yourself? That is the case with almost everyone. Celebrities aren’t born cover shoot ready and to survive in a cut throat entertainment industry, many celebrities had to undergo a lot of transformation to look as they do now. – 5 Pakistani Celebrities And Their Shocking Glow Ups.

Here are top 5 celebrities glow ups of all time:

1. Fawad Khan

The Entity Paradigm vocalist wasn’t always such a heartthrob – It took years for the star to pull of his now signature rugged look!

2. Humaima Malik

The queen of transformations, Humaima Malik has always been known in the industry for the drastic changes in her appearance. The actress has always had her fans looking forward to her trendy and traditional styles.

3. Mehwish Hayat

The Load Wedding star has been around for years and has always managed to stay on top of the latest fashion trends and amaze the audience with her peculiar sense of style. It’s safe to say that she is aging gracefully.

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4. Atif Aslam

One of Pakistan and India’s favorite singers, Atif Aslam is known around the globe for his extraordinary talent and after this glow up, dare I say for his looks?

5. Zahid Ahmed

Last but not the least; Zahid Ahmed has had one of the most shocking transformations of all time. Seeing his old pictures, it’s almost impossible to say that this is the same person. Is this man aging backwards?

Despite this list, I do believe that everyone is born beautiful and with we transform and adapt into the best version of ourselves. Therefore, this topic is not open to discussion on if the stars looked better before or now. With age we all bloom and groom ourselves to look the best and I think that’s great!

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