6 Supposedly Haunted Places in Karachi That’ll Send Chills Down your Spine

6 Supposedly Haunted Places in Karachi That’ll Send Chills Down your Spine…

Majority of us have grown up listening to ghost stories from our Nanis and Dadis, that have surely scared the daylights out of us. Be it a family get together, or a bonfire sitting; none is complete without a handsome exchange of spooky ghost stories and incidents.

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So, for all those horror enthusiasts out there who are in a power search of horror stories and spots, Social Pakora has rounded up some of the creepiest places in Karachi that have a reputation for hosting gruesome activities to celebrate all things eerie and sending shivers down your spine.

1) Mohatta Palace: 

Built in 1927, this palace had previously served as a vacation house for Shivratan Mohatta, a Hindu business man. Though, it’s been turned into an Art gallery and museum over time.
While there is no legendary tale or myth attached to the place, yet one theory suggests that it was the resting place of Fatima Jinnah who was later murdered due to political rivalry in the same house, and the case remained hushed up.

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Some of the guards and visitors have encountered a number of creepy incidents taking place specifically during night, later to find nothing conspicuous.
According to one source, a British lady who was dressed from the past era had been witnessed by a group of visitors. Paranormal activities like sinister laughter or ghostly sounds, lights being turning off, the entire museum setting changing by itself have also been reported. And the overall heavy and eerie vibe is enough to make you feel jittery.

2) The Bride of Karsaz Road:

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The oh-so-famous Karsaz bride has been haunting the Karachiites from the 70s where many car drivers and travelers have reportedly witnessed a ghostly woman with crooked feet and dressed in a bridal outfit following them. They have also insisted that the woman had also supposedly killed many.

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There are a lot of legends attached to the true story behind this cursed entity. We tried digging deep into knowing where she came from, and we found out some really gruesome facts about her. One source claims that the woman was a cabaret dancer in the 60s who was raped and brutally murdered. Another source suggests that she happened to be a newlywed bride whose husband passed out while driving through the Dalmia Road and died in a car accident on their wedding night.

She happens to stop people to help her get home or a hospital, and sometimes even follows them through the road only to be disappeared later.

Formerly, the government approached the Aalims to form a Hisaar on the road by inserting nails on the entire Karsaz road to dispel the entity which had been broken during road maintenance on the service road hence, causing her to reappear.

3) Chow Kandi GraveYard: 

Chow Kandi cemetery is one of the most ancient graveyards in the country. It is located on the National Highway and is said to be 600 years old. It serves as a great touristy spot however, it is considered as one of the most haunted spots in Karachi, and that’s definitely for the right reasons.

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It is usually avoided after Maghrib as there are chances of paranormal activities taking place after sunset.

Moreover, nearby inhabitants have reported a number of ghostly activities and noises in the graveyard during night. Furthermore, it is also said that the place serves a great appeal to black magic practitioners who happen to perform rituals using Goat’s head, vessels and whatnot.

4) Shireen Cinema:

Located in the North of Karachi, this spot had its own spooky vibe. Although, this cinema has now been demolished, but it was the creepiest cinema halls in Karachi where apparitions were reportedly witnessed partying and singing by the local staff.

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It is claimed that the place is a home to a lot of ghost families who happen to visit the cinema hall to watch movies and enjoy. There a couple of disturbing incidents that had taken place in the past, like fans and tiles tumbling on their own, audible footsteps, bizarre titters and whispers, due to which the cinema has now been permanently closed for the audience.
5) University of Karachi Campus:
Karachi University is Karachi’s oldest research institute and supposedly haunted too as a number of students and employees have supposedly felt the existence of paranormal and negative energies within the entire campus.

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A group of students have reportedly observed a ghostly female figure with lengthy locks wandering or standing strangely under the old tree, and many have encountered amulets hanging around the trees.

They even get called by their names in empty class halls. It is said that the Pharmacy and Botany departments are specifically haunted as many have told stories of people experiencing gruesome voices, figures, and activities.
6) Hawks Bay Beach: It is said that water is one of the most usual dwelling places for ghosts and spirits and therefore, Hawks Bay is the hub of supernatural activities.

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A source has reportedly witnessed the death of an individual who was killed by a ghostly woman, clad in white. Moreover, a specific hut at Hawks Bay is supposedly famous for spooky activities taking place during night.

The legend says that there are Djinns inhabiting the hut who don’t happen to accept unwanted guests and that’s the reason why the hut is never allowed to be rented anymore as no one has been able to stay there for the night.

While the background behind why ghosts skulk around these sites are fascinating and are often based on grisly tales, it is equally important to believe in the existence attached to it.

Good luck with sleeping tonight in peace!

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