7 Wardrobe Essentials Every Desi Woman Should Own!

Many of us desi females are easily coaxed by the fashion rage and love to hoard too much of trendy outfits which would save us last minute dawats and events. But this craze for totting up a plethora of duds equally puts too much strain on our limited budget. And sadly, we all agree that you’ll end up regretting your impulsive decisions.

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While fashion fads come and go, there are certain wardrobe essentials that last us a lifetime. And for us, it’s all about the basics! The kind of pieces that help us bring together our outfits, be it a casual dress down or a night time dress up.

And if you have zero ideas as to how an essential wardrobe section is constructed, the pieces below should serve as an excellent lead. Here are 8 ethnic wardrobe staples every desi girl should invest in:

A Quintessential Kurta:

We bet every Desi girl requires a staple in her wardrobe for some quick comfy style and neutral kurta are the best source for it. Neutral kurtas hold versatility, they’re cool and something that you can wear almost any day. Such basic separates are a key if you’re the kind who loves to mix and match without putting out much effort into the everyday style.


Be it a base colored loose fit, or a vibrant tinge to lighten up your mood, kurtas will always come to the rescue!


You may start with hoarding neutral colors and styles that reflect an androgynous vibe because these are the kind of pieces you can rely on whensoever and are ideal for creating multiple looks and that too, without putting much strain onto your budget.

That Go-to Shalwar:


We may be living in sleeping pants these days, but shalwars are something that can save us a lot of effort, and never go out of style. Having a classic pair of shalwar proves handy because you can pair them with any top or kurta and create a fresh look.

It’s perfect whether you’re dressing up or down and can manage to go well with all your looks.


Besides, it is one of the most classic staples without which no closet is complete. It’ll help you create multiple looks in both eastern and western outfits. You can rock them with almost any top be it, kurtas, fusion tops, or long dresses. Classic fit is of the most flattering s style include basic slim fit which is always in vogue.

Long Dresses:

Traditional long frocks are a trendy new addition to the ethnic wear family and we’re absolutely in love with them. There are many Pakistani brands that have now started offering a separate category of such drool-worthy long dresses to make you go crazy!

Source: Ethnic Website

You can wear them during formal occasions or on a casual day out. It also serves as a perfect vacation outfit and can be put over a pair of jeans or culottes to create a trendy look. It also complements the curves and creates a flattering effect.

A pair of Khussas:

It’s no rule that you must wear a traditional outfit to pair khussas with. Khussas can be paired with your basic jeans and t-shirts as well!


Khussas are the easiest way to nail traditional and fusion looks.


Besides, one can never have too many khussas since they never fail you and your looks. It’s a perfect shoe option for all your outfits to wear for your college, happy hour, or wedding parties.


Well traditionally they may be paired with choori daars or formal kurtas, but this versatile desi style is equally as cool paired with a slim-fit jeans or casual pants and remains unfussy.

Tote Bags:

We say that if you could only own a single bag, this would be it. Totes are roomy, big and always a reliable choice!


The roomy interior makes it a staple carry-on and the most coveted fashion accessory where you can chuck in all your junk and carry them to college, beach, day trips, lunch dates, or even professional events. This bag can just do it all!

Versatile Shawls and Dupattas:


Not only one but we’d suggest you lay up as many as possible. Dupattas and shawls are the best accessory to brighten up a mundane dress. It’s only obvious that we all need a plethora of such classic wonders in our wardrobe.


So, splurge on vivid dupattas and shawls and add a feature of glam quotient to your wardrobe.

Traditional Jewellary:

Every desi woman need to have that one of jhumkas or necklace that she can slay with just about anything and icon ethnic jewelary serves this purpose right.


Desi jumkas and chokers can be a your next go to to accessory for a basic tee with jeans kinda look or the classic shalwar kameez.

Well, we say that these wardrobe essential can manage to shore up your any of your outfits that you can stock up and get sorted.

Now that you know what staples you need to have must, it’s time for some retail therapy!