A Story Which Takes Us In A Fantasy World – JKP – Jannat Kay Patty

The land of perfection. The land has an immortal beauty. The place which is as beautiful as our dream is none other than a “Fantasy World”. The story which takes me and for sure many of you in its thoughts is none other than “Jannat kay Patty” AKA “JKP”. The perfect definition of love, humanity, passion, patriotism, and the last but the most important one Religion.

What is it About

The book was written by Nemrah Ahmed. a writer with phenomenal writing skills. Whose initial stories first used to publish in monthly digests. Now she has written more than 10 books and in her early times, Nemrah discovered her dramatic style of writing by which he became a blue-eyed writer for the novel-loving people. In 2012 her Jannat Kay Patty started publishing in Shuaa digest up till now it lies in the category of best-selling novels in Pakistan.


The drawback of JKP:

The story revolves around a purely patriotic guy Jahan Sikander, who has a fetching personality like a cherry on top of it! And the girl who is in search of him, Haya Suleman is the perfect combo of attitude and gratitude. She is up to date with standards of fashion. The life of LLB (Hons) student Haya Suleman takes an interesting turn when she is awarded a scholarship and get a chance to study five a month semester at a Turkish university.

          The place she wanted to visit in search of her husband whom she got married in childhood but never got a chance to see after that, but circumstances became grave when someone leaked a private video of her during a party on the internet. To keep the video away from the eyes of the members of her traditional family she had to contact an officer of the Cybercrime cell who could remove her made’s video but soon she was unsettled by the fact that this faceless officer already knew so much about her.

Pretty satisfying end:

JKP tells us the story of a boy and a girl who just not taught us the lesson of love but also covered many other emotions that can be seen in our practical life. I became kinda obsessed with this book that I completed it in just a few days. I was sad because the story came to its end & that was the point where I have to leave those characters, but the end is pretty satisfying.       

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The way Jahan console Haya is extremely loveable, the way he shows patriarchy towards his country is exceptional. No doubt Nimrah Ahmed done a fantastic job by giving us this phenomenal piece. I’m still pouring my love into the cup of Jannat Kay Patty. Still wondering about Jahan & now in search of the one who has a bit resembling personality with him 😉


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