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Aima Baig confirms separation with Shahbaz Shigri after1.5 times of engagement

Aima Baig is the queen of air. She’s a notorious songster from Pakistan with a melodious voice. The euphonious Aima has strong oral cords. She got the magical voice. youthful songster Aima won success and recognition veritably snappily. She’s one of the promising vocalizers who was inspired by the important voice Lady Gaga.
Aima Baig got engaged with Shahbaz Shigri in 2021 in front of their families and musketeers.

They verified the engagement on their Instagram accounts. It was a private family function. They had been dating each other for a long time before getting engaged. The songster and actor Shahbaz were in a relationship since 2019.

This was a cute couple but a many days back, social media druggies starts talking about how Aima Baig and Shahbaz Shigri have called off their engagement. They shacked their suckers by unfollowing each other from Instagram accounts.

originally this lovable couple was bruited to resolve up. But either Aima nor Shahbaz opened up about this heartbreaking news. But now the protean songster confirms a split with Shahbaz Shigri. Both had parted their ways.

Aima Baig still had a soft corner for him as she said that she’ll always admire that person as they spend a great time with each other. In the answer to all the rumors, she eventually revealed their bifurcation after months. She further said that occasionally shit happed but there must be some reasons. Both Aima And Shahbaz are doing good and fine in their own lives. There’s nothing to worry about.
She wants to reveal all the mess in a regardful manner and she did. What are your views about this? Partake your reflections. Thanks!

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