Aiman and Minal Khan celebrate their family- in- law Sabah Rehman’s 22nd birthday

Aiman and Minal Khan celebrate their family- in- law Sabah Rehman’s 22nd birthday-Social Pakora

Aiman Khan and Minal Khan need no preface. Both of them are one of the stylish actresses in Pakistani showbiz and the modeling assiduity. Both sisters have reached the heights of fame in a veritably short period of time. Aiman and Minal formerly verified in their interview that they came actresses on their father’s want. And for the first time both of them got a chance to appear on television because of their father’s friend.

Aiman Khan and Minal Khan who have turned 24 times old in the time 2022

Both sisters started their real life by getting married at a veritably youthful age. But unfortunately, since Aiman Khan married actor Muneeb Butt. She has not been seen acting in any kind of new Pakistani drama. It seems that she isn’t allowed by her in- laws presently. But once while attending an event on August 14, Aiman Khan had said that if I get a good script offer, I might act.

On the other hand, Minal Khan is presently celebrating her honeymoon holiday in Thailand with her hubby. Meanwhile, a picture of Minal and her hubby with a monkey has come under fire on social media. But a special thing about showbiz assiduity artists is that they hear to people’s hate commentary in one observance. And out the other and continue their private life the way they want to live. And Minal too has not been seen working on any design for the once time, she’s enjoying her wedded life.

But in moment’s composition, we will see Aiman Khan and Minal Khan celebrating their family- in- law Sabah Ahmed’s 22nd birthday with great fanfare at home. In the viral filmland, it can be seen that Sabah is cutting the cutlet with Amal on her stage. Yes, a many days ago Aiman Khan’s family Maaz Khan also got engaged. And he got engaged to Sabah Rehman and he’s going to get married veritably soon. And while Maaz Khan handles Aiman and Minal Khan’s online apparel brand( A&M Closet).

Do n’t forget to want Aiman Khan and Minal Khan’s family- in- law Sabah Rehman on her 22nd birthday in the commentary section below. Thanks!

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