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Ali Fazal is awestruck by Irrfan Khan’s rendition of Urdu dialogue

Ali Fazal used a rare clip from the late actor Irrfan Khan’s exceptional archive to show why other artists should learn from his meticulous attention to detail. Khan’s Urdu pronunciation was highlight by Fazal to show how it is actually done. Ali Fazal is awestruck by Irrfan Khan’s rendition of Urdu dialogue.

The clip, which was originally share by a Twitter user, featured Irrfan from the TV drama Bharat Ek Khoj. Fazal retweeted the same, stating that Irrfan is a perfectionist in whatever he does, as evidenced by the manner he delivers his sentences in the scene.

The Mirzapur star wrote, “As you can see, Irrfan sahab did not stray from his Urdu pronunciation even once. He didn’t lose sight of his dedication in the coming years either. Yet, it’s been ages since I came across or got to do such a scene. But it’s my promise, our golden years will return in all aspects. It has begun, have patience.”

Ali Fazal is awestruck by Irrfan Khan’s rendition of Urdu dialogue

In the video, Irrfan talks about the significance of unity vs the need for distinct states based on religious differences. He discusses the various misunderstandings that have arisen between Muslims and Hindus, and how they have benefited primarily the British. His character also mentions how communalism had taken the place of religion at the time.

Shyam Benegal directed, wrote, and produced Bharat Ek Khoj, which was based on Jawaharlal Nehru’s book The Discovery of India. It centred on India’s 5,000-year journey to independence. Om Puri, Roshan Seth, Tom Alter, and Sadashiv Amrapurkar played major parts in the show.

In April 2020, Irrfan died of a neuroendocrine tumour. His sons Babil and Ayan, as well as his wife Sutapa Sikdar, survive him.

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