All You Need To Know About JDC IT City

The objective of JDC’s free education initiative is to support youth development by offering them high-quality training, education, and skills development to enhance their personalities and abilities. JDC’s free education will present chances for development and social benefit.

JDC Foundation Pakistan JDC is working as an independent, non-governmental, non-profit, and nonprofit foundation. It operates under its own leadership and Memorandum of Articles of Association. It is not associated with any local political or ethnic group in Pakistan or anyplace else in the globe. JDC Foundation Pakistan only supports and engages in philanthropic endeavours.

It is only used to fund charity causes, notably those relating to education, healthcare, and other forms of aid. Without regard to race, religion, or political affiliation, JDC is committed to serving people around the world.

The JDC’s free education programme is a fantastic effort that will benefit the nation and society in the long term. The objective is to create a generation of free thinkers who can offer their knowledge to Pakistan.

IT City Form: https://jdcwelfare.org/it-city-form/

How to FIll JDC Free IT City Registration Form?

Therefore, JDC foundation made the decision to offer free education that would assist the students in developing both their personal and professional self. In order to assist students in developing skills that will help them in the future, JDC Free Instruction works with professional psychologists, physical trainers, and arts & crafts professionals to provide education.

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