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Amal Muneeb officially steps into showbiz

Every other day, Aiman Khan does something different, and in this way. She ensures that she stays in the news and captivates us with her appearance. Aiman always looks stunning and sparkling, whether she’s on vacation. At a family wedding, or in a photo session. Her precious bundle of joy Amal is such a sweetheart. And she is undeniably a joy to be around, as opposed to the typical fussy infant.

Amal’s kid recently made us blush with a hilarious video from Sarah Islam’s musical night. Where she was spotted singing boldly and making everyone drool for her. Her sweetest video has gone viral on social media. She has a striking resemblance to her mother. And her stunning eyes are beyond description.

On Instagram, Aiman Khan, Minal Khan, Muneeb Butt, and the rest of the chota talent pack continue to share beautiful moments with Amal. Have you watched her new video of her emulating her mamo Huzaifa when he’s performing Namaz? Minal Khan and her have a close relationship. Amal Sahiba had her debut shot alongside her mum in the latest hypnotic photos. In a recent post shared by Aiman Khan, he and Amal Muneeb appear to be glowing.In the most sparkling and splendorous outfit. Aiman and Amal take our breath away. It’s actually a sponsored advertisement for the brand Laam, and these attractive ladies are dressed in Laam attire. Amal Clooney looks adorable in a lovely pink gown. While Aiman Khan wears a lovely light Mauve gown with elaborate sheesha work. Hania Aamir shared Amal’s photos on her Instagram account. And expressed her affection for the tiny kid.

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