Arshad Sharif with his womanand kiddies- Fogy filmland

Arshad Sharif with his womanand kiddies- Fogy filmland-Social Pakora

Elderly intelligencer Arshad Sharif, who clearly needs no preface, used to convey the voice of the people to the’ Pakistani Houses’ through his voice which sounded insolvable. Because this intelligence officer had one quality, he strove to act in the interests of the people and waged his fight with words. And that is why he lived in so numerous difficulties but he knew veritably well how to defend it.

Arshad Sharif was born in Karachi on February 22, 1973. Additionally, he began his career in journalism and earned his master’s degree at the esteemed Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad. He worked extremely hard and was a true professional in his trade of media. On the other side, Arshad Sharif also served as the host of the ARY News show Powerplay in 2014. And it’ll not be wrong to say that this program proved to be a advance for Arshad Sharif’s journalistic career.

Unfortunately, Arshad Sharif is no longer with us after being slain in Kenya’s bustling metropolis of Nairobi. Owing to various problems, he had left Pakistan for Dubai, but was now in Kenya due to some design. Kenyan police officers say that they stopped Arshad Sharif’s auto because of child hijacking because they were suspicious of the auto, which is why they opened fire on his auto without any disquisition.

But in moment’s composition,

We will see some memorable prints of notorious intelligencer Arshad Sharif with his woman
Javeria Siddiqui, and kiddies. Then we tell you that Arshad Sharif’s woman is also a journalism shooter. And Javeria also writes columns for the notorious television channel Dunya News ARY News and other institutions. In the time 2012, Arshad Sharif had also entered the Agahi Award. And while in the time 2018, he was also recognized with the award for the stylish current affairs anchor.
Do not forget to supplicate for Arshad Sharif’s remission in the comment section below. We supplicate that Allah will give tolerance to his family, Ameen.

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