Atif Aslam and woman blessed with a baby girl

Atif Aslam is considered one of the stylish vocalizers in the world. He has established a residence in the hearts of the people of Pakistan. And India because to his entrancing voice. There’s no mistrustfulness that music suckers eagerly stay to hear Atif Aslam’s songs. One good thing about Atif is that he keeps his particular. And professional life down from social media relatively a lot. And he doesn’t talk about any other notoriety matters.

40- time-old Pakistani actor and songster Atif Aslam started his singing career at a veritably youthful age. When Atif sang his first song Adaat, that song came a record- breaking megahit among people. And it wo n’t be wrong to say that this song proved to be a advance song for Atif Aslam’s career. Atif never looked back after the success of this song, worked tirelessly all the time. And used his voice to rule Lollywood and Bollywood.

Atif Aslam wed Sara Bharwana on March 29, 2013, beginning his married life. Surprisingly, Sara and Atif Aslam decided to get married immediately. After realising they were in love with each other for a long time. One thing that should be mentioned then’s that Atif Aslam’s woman Sara doesn’t belong to showbiz. But she looks no lower than a heroine with her beauty.

Well, the happy news is that Atif Aslam has come the father of a daughter this time.

And he himself verified this news to his suckers through his social media account. Atif Aslam has named his Daughter Halima and he said in his post that both my daughter and my woman are fine Alhamdulillah.

Happy Ramadan from Halima Atif Aslam was what Atif Aslam said at the conclusion of his caption.

nevertheless, look below as well!
If you’d want to see Halima Sultan, the first photo of Atif Aslam’s son.

Don’t forget to congratulate Atif Aslam and Sara on Halima Atif’s birth in the comments section below. Thanks!

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