Ayeza Khan poses with the famed owner of Nusr-ET steakhouse.-Social Pakora
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Ayeza Khan poses with the famed owner of Nusr-ET steakhouse.

Ayeza Khan, a well-known actress in Pakistani showbiz, enjoys travelling throughout the world with her family, and she also goes alone for filming. She was recently photographed in Turkey, enjoying a good time without her family.

Ayeza Khan paid a visit to Turkey’s Nusr-Et steakhouse and took a selfie with the restaurant’s owner, who is known as Salt Bae for his unique knack for making and serving his cuisine. Nusret Gokce is Salt Bae’s true name, and he was born in Turkey in 1983. When his family was in financial trouble when he was only eleven years old, he dropped out of sixth school to aid his family and began working as a butcher.

He has become the most popular chef in the world due to his expertise in cooking steak and meat dishes. Here’s a photo of our lovely diva Aiza Khan with Nusret, a Turkish model.

Salt Bae’s restaurant has locations in Turkey, Greece, the United States, the United Kingdom, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai. Meal lovers from all over the world visit because of the high quality of the food and the luxury setting. He always serves the dishes by himself, with no assistance. The public’s favourite thing about him is his unique way of presenting food and sprinkling salt.

Hundreds of videos are uploaded to Youtube by individuals and their employees. He gained 2 million followers in just 24 hours after launching his social media account.

He epitomises the phrase “it’s difficult to beat a never-say-die individual.” He is now considered one of the world’s wealthiest people, with a net worth of $70 million dollars.What are your thoughts on Salt Bae, and how does Ayeza Khan’s photo with this amazing man look? Please express your thoughts in the comment area below. Thanks!

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