Ayeza Khan, Saboor Aly, and Mahira Khan among others slay at 8th Hum Awards 2022

Ayeza Khan, Saboor Aly, and Mahira Khan among others slay at 8th Hum Awards 2022-Social Pakora

8th Hum awards form was celebrated last night in Toronto, Canada. The meritorious celebrities, actors, directors, directors, fashion contrivers, and vocalizers were awarded for their sweats. The 8th Hum awards were celebrated for four hours withnon-stop performances and award distributions, full of gaudiness and glamour. According to Hum Network, further than 100 Pakistani artists, players, media personalities, and celebrities hit the red carpet at the First Ontario Centre in Hamilton. Thousands of suckers also attended the form and the show will be broadcasted on TV in further than 50 countries.

Our notorious actresses and actors were also spotted in this award show including Saboor Aly, Sonya Hussyn, the evergreen Bushra Ansari, Iqra Aziz, Yasir Hussain, Hania Aamir, Farhan Saeed, and numerous further.

These celebrities were looking amazing and heart crushing in their glamorous attires. Saboor Aly was seen wearing a black bold dress in which Saboor’s reverse was completely dominating. suckers are also bashing Saboor’s this appearance as they weren’t accepting similar dressing from Saboor Aly.

Urwa Hocane

Urwa Hocane is also seen in this mesmerizing event held last night. No doubt Urwa has again proved that wearing vulgar dresses can’t make you a spotlight personality, as Urwa is seen wearing a white full outstretch frock with beautiful plum work. She’s also seen wearing aesthetic white plum sahara jhumkas. No doubt this kind of appearance by our celebrities is always appreciated by the suckers.

Mahira Khan

The evergreen Mahira Khan was also blotched on this glamorous night enduring lady was seen wearing a black Maxi along with golden beautiful work. Her makeup, vesture, and jewelry everything were just perfect for this night.

Urwa Hocan:

Our handsome actors were also not lower than our actresses the most talented songster Atif Aslam was also mottled on this night Atif was wearing a black men 3 piece suit in which his beauty was just stirring.

Ahmed Ali Akbar:

Parizaad star Ahmed Ali Akbar was also a part of this night full of stars. Ahmed Ali Akbar was wearing a slate three- piece suit in which this stunning man was looking lovable.

Iqra Aziz:

Iqra Aziz won the hearts of her suckers by wearing a white frock, but some people said that she’d have looked more beautiful if she wore an oriental dress. But Pakistani actresses always make people angry by wearing bold clothes. And indeed if her hubby is with her, she isn’t shamed.

Ayeza Khan:

It may not be wrong that actress Ayeza Khan attended an award function for the first time and she herself appeared there and won the award. The ensemble that Ayeza chose for this award function form looked relatively beautiful on her.

Bushra Ansari:

Next comes our most charming and enduring actress and our tutor Bushra Ansari also Known as Bushra Apa. Bushra Ansari was mottled wearing a beautiful sari along with amazing jewelry no doubt, she was carrying and wearing an vesture that suits her also suckers are also loving their vesture. Bushra Ansari is one of those elderly actresses who are always the fave of the followership.

Hania Amir:

Hania Aamir and Sonya Hussyn were also a part of this glamorous night both of these seductive faces were seen wearing pleasurable sarees. She was seen wearing a tableware saree along with glass work and Sonya was wearing a baby pink- multicolored charming sari.

Aymen Saleem:

Aymen Saleem was spotted wearing a light- multicolored long Maxie and she was also interacting with her suckers at the red carpet.

REEMA khan:

Wearing a green dress, actress Reema Khan forced her suckers to appreciate her. One of the special effects about this actress is that she always grabs people’s attention with her dressing. And maybe the purpose of wearing a green dress of this actress was only to represent Pakistan in Canada.

Ushna Shah:

Ushna Shah maintained her bold dressing by wearing western clothes as usual. She looked veritably vulgar in a red maxi without a dupatta. Looking at the dressing of these actresses at the award function, it seems that the operation pays lakhs of rupees to dress them.

Sonya Hussyn:

Sonya Hussyn was looking veritably beautiful wearing a pink saree. And there’s no mistrustfulness about it, she looked like Priyanka Chopra in this saree.

Without any mistrustfulness, each and every celebrity either manly or womanish, youthful or old celebrity was looking so amazing. suckers are also esteeming these celebrities are having a discussion about their vesture, makeup, and jewelry.

Which celebrity respected you the most and which celebrity dissatisfied you the most? Partake your feedback with us. Thanks!

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