Aymen Saleem looked stunning at the 8th Hum Awards in 2022

Aymen Saleem looked stunning at the 8th Hum Awards in 2022-Social Pakora

Aymen Saleem is no doubt the most beautiful and glamorous face of our media assiduity. Mostly due of her attractiveness, Aymen Saleem is well known. She’s such an amazing and talented actress that people started liking and esteeming her after her first drama Chupke Chupke. Her on- screen couple with Arsalan Naseer aka Hadi has been the fave of utmost of the followership and followers.

The 8th Hum awards were organized a couple of days agone in Toronto, Canada. numerous known stars of this assiduity attended the glamorous night. One of them was Aymen Saleem.
Aymen Saleem was brindled wearing an elegant outfit an off-white frock that had a perfect quintet of majestic and gorgeous with some foamy candescent gravestone work on it.

This beautiful vesture was designed by the notorious developer Gaurav Gupta. Gaurav’s this masterpiece is most liked by the followership and the way Aymen is carrying this stirring beautiful outfit is just mesmerizing.

As Aymen Saleem is one of the most notorious and liked actresses in Pakistani assiduity so it’s good news for her suckers that Aymen Saleem has also earned the award of stylish new sensational womanish award for Chupke Chupke. No doubt this award is a price for her performance, appearance hard work, and struggle in her debut drama, which made Aymen Saleem in a spotlight.
The filmland of Aymen Saleem are having a veritably positive response from the followership. The followership is loving Aymen’s appearance at the award show.

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