Better Battery Life Guide For Your Laptop

Better Battery Life Guide For Your Laptop

A laptop that has a weak battery can be more than just an inconvenience. It could ruin a crucial business presentation, or even leave you stranded on the sidelines of a business conference. If you don’t have power available the battery’s condition is a major inconvenience. How can you prolong the life of your Dell TK330 laptop’s battery? It’s just being maintained and ensuring it is charged or is it merely the standard for laptop owners that they have the laptop battery replaced often?

Most of the time laptops run on Lithium-Ion batteries. The lifespan of laptop batteries depends on the kind of battery used and the quality. It is also dependent on how it is taken care of. It is important to know that Lithium-Ion HP Compaq RW556AA batteries are less vulnerable to the well-known memory effect than other kinds with rechargeable batteries. There are several important methods to care for the battery in your laptop, however. In a piece by Tina Sieber, you should make use of “Two factors that can harm Li-Ion batteries such as heat and deep discharges. The following Dos and Don’ts for batteries come from these two main elements.

Li-Ion Battery DOs

* partly charge to recharge (no memory impact).

* Charge at a lower voltage.

* Remove batteries when the laptop has been powered up with AC power.

• Store batteries in the fridge with 40% to 60 percent charge.

* Cycle the battery every couple of weeks or after each 30th partial charge.

Li-Ion Battery DON’Ts:

* deep discharge battery.

* Trickle cost.

* ultra-fast charge.

* Do not leave the Dell Inspiron 5150 battery in the laptop to run with AC power (heat causes damage).

* freeze battery.

* Buy old Li-Ion batteries and spare batteries (Li-Ion battery life spans, generally lasting two years on the average).”

Alongside making sure you take care of the second-hand laptop battery, there are methods to configure your laptop so that it utilizes the battery more effectively. Tina Sieber has shared the following suggestions and steps to get the most value from your battery’s life.

Tips for Better Battery Life:

1. Ship shape and defrag

Regular defragmentation is helpful in arranging data more efficiently, helping the drive less work to access the information. The faster that the shifting hard drive operates, the lower is the strain put onto its Toshiba Portege M800’s used laptop battery. Thus, your battery can last longer. This isn’t a big difference but this effect can be correlated with the maintenance of your hard drive.

2. Eliminate the gobblers of resources

Close the background processes that aren’t essential. You can monitor the use of resources by pressing the command “~Ctrl-Alt-Del that opens an interface called the Windows Task Manager (in Windows). If you’re not connected to the internet, it’s safe to close down all unnecessary programs that are running in the taskbar such as the firewall and antivirus. Eliminate unnecessary programs that are running as startup programs by running the System Configuration Utility by running the “Msconfig “Tab: Startup. Remove the programs you don’t wish to launch and then restart the computer.

3. Put off the tasks scheduled

It could be a defrag, or an antivirus scan. But you must make sure it’s scheduled at the time you’re close to a power outlet. If not, you can stop these for now.

4. Unplug external devices

USB devices are the largest source of battery energy. Unplug any external device, like an extra mouse, PC card or Wi-Fi, speakers externally, Bluetooth, and even a connected iPod.

5. Empty the CD/DVD Drives

Even if you do not intend to make use of it, don’t keep any DVDs or CDs behind within the drive. A spinning drive draws the battery’s power like sponges.

6. Go local

Stop using external drives or DVDs when using batteries. Move the contents onto the hard drive or use a (free) virtual drive such as Pismo File Mount or even Microsoft’s Virtual CD ROM Control Panel.

7. Dim the lights

The LCD screen in laptops is another massive power source. Adjust it to the smallest that you can manage through the Function key toggles, or by using the Display Settings applet that is located in the Control Panel.

8. Stop the sound

Turn off the sound and consider not to use multimedia software in order to extend the battery’s lifespan. The sound scheme that is installed drains the battery in a noticeable way.

9. Remove the screensaver

To extend the HP ProBook 4310s battery life by a small amount, switch off the screen saver.

10. Visit Power Options

Be familiar with power management by using power management using the “~Power Options'” app in the Control Panel. XP, Vista, and Windows 7 come with advanced power management tools that cut off certain components such as the monitor and/or the drive when they reach a certain interval. It is dependent on the selected “~Power Plans’ (for XP) in the same applet. For example, in XP, “~Max Battery’ under the Power Schemes is a good option to select for the best battery optimization.

11. Switch off the eyes

Modern OS’s like Windows Vista come with features such as “~Aero Glass’, which consumes a lot of resources. You can disable it and select the “~Classic appearance, which uses less energy. In Vista the option is Desktop Preferences – > View Colour -> Appearance, Classic, and Windows Basic graphical interface. In XP it’s – Display Properties – Theme – Windows Classic. Linux and Macintosh are more optimized to provide longer battery life.

12. Sleeping in hibernation is more beneficial than sleeping.

In StandBy mode (or sleep mode) the computer spins off the hard drive and the display, but the memory remains active, while the CPU is slowed down. This drains the battery. However, hibernation mode is superior since the computer stores its current status and closes itself off completely, thus saving energy.

13. Do what you want the most…work on the most

Utilizing too many programs when you’re on the battery is a guaranteed drain of power. Limit the use of graphic-intensive applications to an absolute low level. A spreadsheet can consume significantly less energy than playing your preferred game. To extend the longevity of your HP KS526AA batteries, open only one or two programs at a time.

14. Ram in greater RAM

The proper amount of RAM helps reduce the load on Virtual memory, which normally resides within the storage device. While every additional amount of RAM consumes much more energy, it can increase the overall savings, by reducing access to the powerful hard drive.

15. Be sure to keep it tidy

A laptop that has blocked air vents can generate more heat, which will reduce the lifespan of the battery. Cleanse the air vents often to maintain operating temperatures at a minimum. Leave enough space between the vents to allow air to circulate easily. Keep the surrounding area clean to prevent dust from entering the laptop.

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