500+ Workers at eBay to Lose Jobs in Newest Tech Layoffs


E-commerce giant eBay has recently disclosed that it will be laying off around 500 employees, which constitutes nearly 4% of its total workforce, in a bid to create space for investing in high-growth areas. This move comes in the wake of a similar trend followed by various tech companies that had to downsize their workforce … Read more

Twitter Is Down, and Users Are Experiencing Daily Limit Errors


On Wednesday, many Twitter users were unable to tweet, receiving the message “You are over the daily limit for sending Tweets.” Yesterday, Twitter users began receiving the pop-up notification “You are over the daily limit for sending Tweets” each time they attempted to tweet something. The notification was described as a glitch that probably occurred … Read more

Explicit Images in Google Search Results Will Soon Be Blurred


Named as the ‘protected mode channel’, this component will blue express pictures in Google query items naturally Google in its new declaration said that it will before long deliver another SafeSearch channel, which will obscure any express symbolism in query items accordingly keeping clients safeguarded from experiencing unequivocal pictures while riding the web. By blurring … Read more

Honda Starts Testing the Electric Hr-V in Thailand


The Honda HR-V e of 2023: Recently, the NS1 electric vehicle model was observed charging in Thailand. The sparked speculation suggests that Honda intends to introduce the e: soon to the ASEAN region with NS1. Honda has extended its creation to EVs and delivered super-advanced EVs. In order to begin making electric vehicles, Honda has … Read more

Ways To Make A Fiber-Optic Cable Out Of Air Using A Laser

Ways To Make A Fiber-Optic Cable Out Of Air Using A Laser

According to research published in Review X, tubular laser beams can produce Fiber-Optic cables that are essentially made of nothing. Laser-heated air can efficiently and effectively transmit light signals without the need to lay Fiber-Optic cables. Building on earlier efforts that were hailed as a path to laser beam weapons, these air-based wave guides help … Read more

Pakistan Secured $10.57B For Flood Relief Fund From Genova

Pakistan Secured Pledges of $10.57B For Flood Relief Fund From Genova Conference

Pakistan’s government and United Nations arranged a conference in Genova. For raising funds for flood relief following the devastating aftereffects of flood in Pakistan as things are getting financially out-of-hand. Pakistan was able to get over $10 billion in pledges from international financial institutions. The donor agencies, and development partners for the rehabilitation, recovery, and … Read more

Microsoft Will Contribute $10 Billion to the Chat GPT AI

Microsoft to Invest $10 Billion in Chat GPT AI

The owners and operators of Chat GPT are reportedly in talks with Microsoft. It increases the value of the company to $29 billion once the $10 billion deal is completed.Microsoft officials are reportedly in talks with the owners of Chat GPT. It has been revealed that Microsoft plans to invest about $10 billion in chat … Read more

ECP Has Decided To Use Modern Technology In Next Elections

The Pakistan Electoral Commission (ECP) has decided to use the latest technology in the upcoming parliamentary elections. The Electoral Commission has launched an investigation to find problems, including internet problems, at ward offices. The Pakistan Electoral Commission (ECP) has decided to continue preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections and use the latest technology in elections. … Read more

Before Considering 5g, PTA Need to Overcome Challenges

PTA and The Government Need to Overcome a Number of Obstacles before Thinking About a 5G Launch

Even though the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has recommended that the federal government begin work on 5G immediately, everyone was anticipating a release (partial) in early 2023. However, even though we are in the year 2023, there are still a number of obstacles that are preventing 5G from being available in some areas. A Pakistan … Read more