Cook Shireen Anwar becomes victim of road crime in Karachi

Cook Shireen Anwar becomes victim of road crime in Karachi-Social Pakora

Pakistan is presently going through a veritably worst law and order situation. All the time, the news is being participated on television, social media, or in your family that some ‘ road crime ’ has happed to him or his/ her mobile phone has been stolen. All people living in Pakistan know that Karachi is a major fiefdom in Pakistan and it’s also known as the business mecca. Despite this, there’s no heir at law to this megacity, where people are living their life according to their own. Cook Shireen Anwar becomes victim of road crime in Karachi.

This is the story of 99 of people, if someone passes by them on a bike, they’re hysterical that their mobile phone will be snared down. Every existent in Karachi has come a victim of depression because he doesn’t know when and where to go to get burgled of his valuables. There have been certain situations where the man was slain while attempting to steal the mobile phone. Despite all this passing in Karachi or different metropolises in Pakistan, our law enforcement agencies are still silent.

A many days agone, our notorious Pakistani cook Shireen Anwar came a victim of road crime. And she’s substantially known in the assiduity as Shireen Apa. She appeared in Hum TV’s morning show Subah Say Agay, where she participated the story of the road crime that happed to her with the public.
As you all know, Shireen Anwar has been doing cuisine shows on Masala TV for a long time and she’s well- known all over the world. She says that she was stopped on the road by two motorcycle- riding boys. The cuisine cook said it was a snatching incident. The surprising thing was that when Shireen told that the culprits had honored her and hovered her that if you go to Masala TV plant and complain about us to any association, your head will be guillotined.

Cook Shireen Anwar becomes victim of road crime in Karachi

There’s no mistrustfulness about this, there’s no citizen in Karachi who has not been a victim of road crime. A many days agone, a videotape of a police officer went viral on social media, in which he was seen informing the people of Pakistan that if a miscreant comes to catch your mobile phone, you should give him the mobile phone incontinently. The officer said that stealers are drunk and if you repel them, he can shoot.
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