Daughters are ‘ Peace of heart ’ Siraj UL Haq’s gladdening tweet for his daughter

Maulana Siraj UL Haq’s picture with his daughter is making rounds on social media and his particular tweet concerning his son is really making our day. Siraj UL Haq has participated a beautiful picture of his daughter on the social media platform Twitter and in the caption, he has added Hadith of Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ.

He called the daughters light of eyes and peace of heart. The prestige that our Islam has given to women is quite amazing. We all are apprehensive of the brutality that women had to face before Islam. Daughters are truly the most amazing blessing of Allah SWT. The relationship between a son and a father is truly unbreakable and no bone can get the place of a father. He’s the shadow and main pillar whose trials are just to keep all of us safe from the rigors and obstacles of life. Whatever he does, does for his children.

In the ensuing picture, we can see Siraj UL Haq with his youthful son Fatima. This amazing father is holding Fatima’s hands and this cutest girl is spotted cladding in a academy livery. This picture must take you guys on a trip down memory lane where you all can imagine yourself in your nonage, holding your father’s hand or leaving for academy.

His nonpolitical post has really made our day. He’d surely be the stylish father. Then we’re going to drop some further intriguing filmland of this father- son relationship. You all must have your own nonage recollections. We’d love to hear yours.

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