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Due to making false statements about his ex-wife, Mikaal Zulfiqar is in hot water

As a well-known actor and model in our entertainment sector, Mikaal Zulfiqar maintains his composure at all times and avoids becoming too involved in contentious issues. Everybody encounters difficulties in life; they may be related to money problems or occasionally to marriage problems brought on by specific factors. Many people attempt to handle challenging circumstances, while others choose to end their relationship in order to solve their problems.

The same thing happened to Mikaal Zulfiqar when he split from Sara Bhatti after six years of marriage. Today, both men are content in the lives they have chosen for themselves and of their own free will.

They are fortunate to have two adorable daughters who are now adults and adore their mother for the wonderful and challenging job she is doing raising them.

Sara Bhatti

Sara Bhatti is also moving quickly in this regard because she responded to all of Mikaal’s and the social media activists’ false claims while remaining mute. She described me as a kind friend and a helpful wife who always looked out for her family and assumed all responsibility so that her husband could unwind. And She never inquired about any of the women he was working with, but she did ask about her main worries.

She also told everyone who was gossiping about her without knowing the truth about their own lives to stop.

In an interview with Maliha Rehman, Mikaal Zulfiqar opened up about his relationship with Sara and admitted that he is still wary of getting married because his ex-wife has put too much pressure on him to explain everything that happened to him at the time. Nevertheless, he also expressed support for the idea of getting married again. He didn’t like having any inquiries from his life partner answered, and this reveals a very weak side to a strong man.

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