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Elliot Page is Queerly Proud of his dress sense at the Met Gala 2021

Elliot Page highlighted his Queer personality with his dress sense at the Met Gala 2021. This was his first public appearance since coming out as transgender on social media last December. As a result, the red carpet of Met Gala took long and lasting notice.

Elliot Page’s Dress Sense

Also, the first and foremost thing that the fans saluted was Elliot Page’s transgender suit. It was a black Balenciaga suit with a green flower pinned near the lapel. So what is so symbolic about the green flower? The green flower has deep memories for the gay community. Historically, it was worn by Oscar Wilde in 1890s as a symbol of queer love. Secretly, it means that the man who wears it holds more love for men than women. Whereas Wilde was convicted for ‘indecency’ for his queerness and suffered in prison for two years, Elliot Page was received with much love on the red carpet. Plus his social media was flooded with adoration from fans for his decisive gesture in public. Therefore, it is amazing at how times have changed.

‘Relief’ for his mental health

So how has the Oscar-nominated Canadian actor dealt with this transition? Formerly known as Ellen Page, turns out it has been very tough for him. As much as he loves being trans and queer, his mental health took a toll from all the pressure. This is because he has had to deal with harassment, self-loathing, abuse and threat of violence for the gay community. Further, he has had pressure from wearing women’s clothes when he only wanted to wear the right gender’s. So, wearing long dresses and heals was so cumbersome that he almost had panic attacks. Further, it was coming to a point where he was unable to recognize himself. So now he is much relieved to realize that he can delve in his ‘trans joy’ on the red carpet and finally feel like himself.

So Vanya is not a girl anymore?

Previously, Elliot Page was starring as Vanya Hargreeves in the hit superheroes Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy. Will he continue being a girl in season 3? Since Elliot is trans, he can continue playing Vanya who is portrayed as a cisgender superhero who unleashes force through the use of sound. As Netflix gets busy in updating Page’s name in all of the meta data, there are no plans to change Vanya’s gender in the movie, as reported.


Thus, Elliot Page’s high profile appearance at the Met Gala 2021 red carpet, sets the records straight, as he announces with ‘joy’ about his identity to the public and becomes as queer as he would like to be.

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