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Falak Shabir did not present Sarah Khan a red rose this time

Following their wedding and the birth of their darling daughter. Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir are taking the internet by storm with their highly remarkable and amazing photos. On the runway at PHBWC, this charming couple showed up with even more zeal. And refinement (Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week). On the second day of the PHBCW, this lovely pair marched for renowned designer Fatima Salamat. Fatima Salamat’s captivating collection was highlighted by these two love birds.

With gorgeous smiles on their faces, the most talked about pair looked absolutely stunning. Sarah Khan was dressed in a stunning Fatima Salamat creation. A long skirt with lavishly adorned body and sleeves. The net dupatta was really stunning. Falak Shabir is dressed in a lovely vest coat and a creamy silky white kurta pyjama.

Sarah Khan held Falak Shabir’s hands and sang a sweet song for her as they proceeded down the ramp. She was all smiles on the catwalk for Falak Shabir. Sarah Khan’s stunning hairstyle. Paired with her one-of-a-kind jewellery, put us all in a mesmerizingly awe-inspiring mood. With their incredibly brilliant and endearing performance. This duo has just pushed the bar even higher.

PHBCW is providing a fantastic platform for all of the excellent, established, and emerging skilled fashion designers and developers to upgrade and showcase their laudable collections on such a large scale. Day one was a success, and day two is getting underway with Pakistan’s top brands and designers.

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