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Fans Are Disappointed With Parizaad’s Latest Episode

The most popular drama series, Parizaad, is approaching its final episode. And viewers are still engrossed in it. As each new episode provides a slew of unexpected twists and revelations. From the start, Parizaad is portrayed as a lovely and kind-hearted person. Who constantly puts people’ thoughts and emotions first. But who never receives anything in return in terms of love and compassion.

Another character who is Annie’s cousin. And is rumoured to be Annie’s love interest was revealed in a recent episode of Parizaad. The introduction of this new persona has left Parizaad’s admirers heartbroken. And viewers are saddened to learn that Parizaad will lose his love once more. He is the individual who has never been able to find love. And has always had his love life ruined by someone else.

People are enamoured with Parizaad’s dialogues. And one of them, ‘Bheek Main Mili Huwi Muhabbat Ko Main Shaded Nafrat Say Bhi Bura Samjhta Hun,’ is currently dominating the comments section. With Parizaad’s suicide, one Instagram user predicted the conclusion of the series. People are depressed and worried about Parizaad.

What are your thoughts on the newest episode and Parizaad’s fate? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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