Fans are mesmerised by Sarah Khan's latest photos with her daughter Alyana.-Social Pakora
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Fans are mesmerised by Sarah Khan’s latest photos with her daughter Alyana.

Sarah Khan has always captivated audiences with her grace and traditional style. Sabaat’s starlet continues to win hearts after returning to the screen after the birth of her daughter Alyana. Falak and Sarah, a captivating couple, embodied perfection as a couple. Falak has undoubtedly evolved into an ideal husband, with his rose narrative establishing him as the most inspiring husband figure (sure you guys agree).
Since the birth of her daughter Alyana Falak, this new mother in town has been showing off her little munchkin to her followers. She and Falak both post photographs with their admirers that are both motivating and heartwarming.

Despite receiving harsh criticism for constantly sharing photos and videos of their parenting chores, these pair ignored the trolls and continued to provide updates on their beautiful beauty.
Alyana Falak and Sarah Khan have provided us with some more stunning images. Alyana Falak looks exactly like her mother. They are both very adorable. Sarah is clearly loving her motherhood journey, and their bond is growing in strength and charm with each passing day. Falak and Sarah are all very concerned about Alyana, and as the firstborn, she deserves to be cherished and indulged like any princess would.

Falak Shabir also takes advantage of every opportunity to spend quality time with his daughter, and he makes it even more special by sharing his joy with his fans. She’s such a darling, Masha’Allah. Sarah Khan has also admitted that she is uncomfortable when others try to touch her.
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