Five of the most valuable NFT’s ever sold

Five of the most valuable NFT's ever sold-Social Pakora

With digital investment on the rise, NFTs have gained immense popularity with their unique art styles. Many of them have been bought for exorbitant prices and are value for much more. Here are some of the most expensive NFTs sold yet. Five of the most valuable NFT’s ever sold.

#5 Crypto Punk #5217

This piece, which is value at $5.59 million, is part of a series of 24 ape punks. This piece with the knitted hat and gold chain has enlisted as one of the rare and unique NFT art. This item has already purchased and is not available for resale at this time.

Five of the most valuable NFT’s ever sold

#4 Ocean Front

Mike Winkelmann, an NFT artist, designed this piece, which sold for $6 million at Nifty Gateway. The piece, which depicts a tree on top of freight containers in the middle of the ocean, attempts to raise awareness about climate change. Justin Sunwon, the founder and CEO of Tron Foundation, won the auction for the artwork. The money donated to the Open Earth Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to mitigating the effects of climate change.

#3 Crossroad

This pieceThis artwork sold in February 2021 and for a long time was one of the most digital NFT artworks. The artwork was inspire by the US elections, and depicts a defeated Donald Trump lying in the background following the 2020 election results. If he had won, he would have seen wearing a crown. Within four months of its purchase, the item was sold for $6.6 million, a tenfold increase in value.

#2Crypto Punk #7804

This costume was identical to the others, except it included sunglasses, a cap, and a pipe. Dylan Field, the CEO of Figma, sold the NFT for $7.56 million. The pipe distinguishes this item, which was auctioned in March 2021.

#1 Everydays: The first 5000 days

After being built by Mike Winkelmann and sold at Christie’s, Everydays became the most expensive NFT ever sold for $69.3 million. The painting is a composite of 5,000 of Beeple’s previous artworks that he created every day for the last 5,000 days. Artist Tom Judd inspired Mike Winkelmann, who started the project in 2007.

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