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Funny details regarding Sana Bucha’s marriage and separation

Sana Bucha, a prominent presence on social media and a news anchor, is known for her contentious behaviour and has been seen arguing with numerous people both on-screen and off. One of the more responsive and energetic journalists, she occasionally acts stupid and it’s in her character to amuse people in this way.

Sana continues to draw criticism for getting facial treatments that she doesn’t genuinely need and for wearing makeup that doesn’t appear natural on her face. She always makes an effort to maintain her composure, but when someone forces her into a confrontation, she loses control and begins to fight without hesitation.

No girl should have this kind of disposition, but she does and will continue to be that way.

Sana is quite honest when discussing both herself and her marriage. In a recent interview, she stated unequivocally that she had forgotten every detail of her wedding, including her ex-name husband’s and face. She acknowledged that no one will propose to her since she is difficult to deal with. She adds that her father believes the same thing about her, that no one will ever be able to handle such a strong woman.

Along with hosting, Sana gave a stunning performance in the film Yalghaar and produced the immensely popular film Quetta: A city of forgotten aspirations. Sana wed in 2010 but soon after filed for divorce because she couldn’t handle having a guy in her life and couldn’t manage to reconcile her married life and career as a writer. following the numerous ups and downs she experienced in the early years of her career.

What do you believe Sana is stating about her ex-husband is the truth? Please express your thoughts in the space provided below for comments. Thanks!

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