Gohar Rasheed is a man who makes no apologies for not following anyone on Instagram, and here's why.-Social Pakora
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Gohar Rasheed is a man who makes no apologies for not following anyone on Instagram, and here’s why.

You can use it to declare your love or even breakups, among other things. It has undoubtedly become the most widely utilised medium, and while it has many advantages, it also has significant disadvantages. It has the ability to turn you into an overnight celebrity, but it also has the ability to take away your peace of mind and life. The death of Aamir Liaquat Hussain is the best example in this regard.

Finally, we have Gohar Rasheed, an immensely brilliant and dedicated actor who has built a name for himself in the field by sheer dedication and hard work. Gohar Rasheed has unquestionably established himself as the most unique Instagram celebrity who does not follow any of his co-stars.

People frequently complain that he does not follow them, and his response is usually the same: “I don’t follow anyone on Instagram.” Wow! He didn’t want to get himself into any sort of trouble, so yeah, he did it. Below, Gohar Rasheed explains his position.Our favourite actor’s explanation for why he doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram will compel you to agree with him.

During an interview, he expressed his views and stated that the game of Instagram following has turned into a subject of personal grudges. It’s something that’s causing you troubles. This is something that people take very seriously.

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