Hadiqa Kiani’s touching moments with her cherished son

Hadiqa Kiani is the stylish songster, host, and actress in Pakistan. She has been seen singing songs for once several times. And has been spreading the magic of her voice each over the world. And there’s no mistrustfulness about it. There’s a pain and a feeling hidden in Hadiqa’s voice that’s visible in her songs. Hadiqa Kiani’s touching moments with her cherished son.

numerous people may not be apprehensive that 48- time-old Pakistani songster. And actor Hadiqa Kiani has been disassociated formerly in her life. No bone knows why the divorce happed. But her hubby wasn’t related to showbiz, he was a notorious businessman. She was disassociated in the time 2088 and Hadiqa has not married any other person since also.

On the other hand, if we talk about Hadiqa Kiani’s son Naad-e-Ali.

After the earthquake in 2005, Hadiqa Kiani adopted the son from the Edhi Foundation, raised him. And gave him the name Naad-e-Ali. The child was stillborn when Hadiqa Kiani espoused him from Abdul Sattar Edhi, head of the Edhi Foundation. And moment, MashaAllah, Naad-e-Ali has turned 18 times old.

A surprising fact is that Hadiqa Kiani is infrequently seen singing songs, but she sometimes appears in an acting design. Along with her work, she laboriously participates in charity work. And wants to help poor people freehandedly. A many days agone, Hadiqa laboriously shared in the cataracts in Pakistan. And helped them a lot and erected numerous houses for them. And in this bid, her son Naad-e-Ali stood by her side and was seen doing well.

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If you also want to see filmland of Pakistani notorious songster. And actress Hadiqa Kiani spending a memorable time with her son Naad-e-Ali.

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