IBA Is Going Online Again Due To COVID-19

After six months of re-opening of educational institutions across the country, the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in Karachi was closed for two days after the emergence of the COVID-19 case on 16-September.

Both the Karachi University and the City Campus located in the Garden metropolitan area will remain closed because of cornana virus and all educational activities during the above time will be suspended while students and teachers will not be allowed to join the campuses.

The sources tell that the IBA is not following the SOPs that are given by the government all the students are gathering in the cafeteria and not maintaining the social distancing.

Many students and teachers are not following the SOPs they are moving to university without a mask.

They should have to follow proper SOPs and use the mask and sanitizers to protect themselves and others too.

The Sources told The Express Tribune that the first case emerged in the hostel of the IBA’s Karachi University campus. The affected student had recently joined the university from Islamabad and had been taking classes along with other students.

They said that the administration has decided to disinfect both campuses to stop the spread of contagious disease.

IBA spokesperson, Haris Siddiqui, did not confirm the closure when contacted. He also declined to check the number of cases that originated from both campuses. “We managed to perform hundreds of COVID tests with the assistance of the district administration and the results were anticipated”

Furthermore, sources said that due to malfunctioning in the air-conditioning system at the Garden campus amid the intense heat, several students and teachers were not wearing masks.

While Siddiqui did not verify the number of cases that have emerged at IBA, he said that with the assistance of district administration, they had managed to conduct hundreds of Covid-19 tests and the results were being awaited.

He also said that the student, whose Covid-19 test was positive, had been isolated in the hostel.

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