Important Tips That Have Been Proven to Increase Traffic to Your Beauty Website


 Millions of consumers base their judgment of a company’s legitimacy on its website.

But you shouldn’t be surprised by it. Whether you own a beauty salon, nail bar, barbershop, spa, or store that sells cosmetics, haircare, or skincare items… Being a part of the beauty industry, you are aware of the value of appearance.

Additionally, a poorly designed beauty website is driving away potential customers.

Therefore, it’s time to examine your website carefully and, if necessary, redesign it.

Here are 6 tried-and-true methods to strengthen the authority and productivity of your beauty website:
Display your distinctive brand
Create a website that loads quickly.

Make booking appointments simple for visitors

Focus on the details

Humanize your company

Use photographs to demonstrate your sense of style and expertise.

  1. Display your distinctive brand

You are aware that the ideal appearance for one client might be awful for another.

Every client is different.

Additionally, your website design must reflect the distinctive identity of your company, just as you assist your customers in looking their best.

This is crucial for newly established beauty firms. Don’t undervalue the significance of developing a strong visual identity for your firm if you’re putting together your business plan as you get ready to launch a new beauty business.

Clients, after all, don’t want to appear generic. They want to present their special selves. Additionally, they check to determine if your beauty shop stands out in particular ways and provides something unique and distinctive.
People won’t be able to tell you apart from your many rivals, for instance, if your website has a stock template and looks like thousands of other salons, nail care, or beauty sites.

This holds for all facets of your firm’s brand identity, including your company name and logo. If you want to create a brand that stands out and draws in excellent customers, both must be distinctive.

For your customers and potential customers (those who are drawn to your brand’s mission, style, and personality organically) to recognize you, the distinguishing characteristics that make your company special must be prominently shown.

An attractive website will demonstrate the distinctive qualities of your beauty business and draw customers.

And don’t let the cost of a custom website design discourage you. Some owners of salons are concerned that the price of website design may be too high.

True, a lot of design firms and companies bill thousands of dollars for their services. However, this isn’t always the case (custom website design jobs with CrowdSprings start at just $899, all fees included).

Work with a capable design team to create a logo that is brand-aware. Then make your website’s graphic design and any ensuing visual branding follow that logo as a guide.
Emphasize customization and stay away from generic web design templates that restrict personalization.
Select fonts (no more than a few), colors, pictures, and images that reflect the character of your brand.
Include copy that reflects the voice of your brand. Make sure to show off your personality.

  1. Create a website that loads quickly.

No one will ever see a website page that takes too long to load.

20% of visitors have already left your website between seconds 4 and 5 of the load time.

Additionally, search engines will give your website a higher ranking the quicker it loads. Therefore, the simpler it is to find, the better.

So, consider load speeds when designing. Unsure about how? Find out more here.

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Make booking appointments simple for visitors

Are you a cosmetologist, stylist, barber, or make-up artist?

Consequently, your website needs an integrated booking system.

Bookings are essential for service-oriented beauty businesses. However, organizing your calendar takes time away from the activities that earn you money, such as doing facials, applying makeup, or cutting hair.

Additionally, online booking is now something that visitors anticipate. The surprise is already out there.

As a result, if your website doesn’t accept the online booking, it will appear inferior to those of your rivals that do.

On the other hand, you’ll have a clear advantage over your rivals if you’re the first salon, nail salon, or barbershop in your market to offer online appointment scheduling.
There are other free applications for booking salon appointments! The cost, therefore, isn’t a deterrent. There is no justification for failing to impress potential clients with the ease of online scheduling.

Check out these tried-and-true online reservation choices as a next step:
Fresh – This free online scheduling tool (formerly known as “Shedul”) is brimming with functions made especially for companies in the wellness and beauty sectors. Although Fresha has a paid version as well, the free service is more than capable of standing alone.
Booksy – Booksy is an integrated platform for running companies related to beauty and well-being. Even though it is paid for, it includes a lot of helpful functions, like management of employees, appointments, and inventory, email marketing, reminders, and more. Additionally, Booksy’s marketplace has over 13 million users at the moment.
Schedulicity – Schedulicity is yet another strong online reservation tool. With this service’s a la carte price, you can personalize your service and only pay for the features you require.
Timely – Timely bills itself as the world’s most intelligent online reservation system. With their risk-free trial, you may verify their claim for yourself. You can continue using Timely after your trial is finished for affordable monthly charges that increase in line with the size of your team.
For simple, automatic bookings, pick an online booking service and integrate it with your website.
If you don’t already market beauty goods with your bespoke branding, think about doing so. You may private label many manufacturers’ items by simply designing your packaging to exhibit them.

Focus on the details

When designing a new skincare product or cutting a guest’s hair, you consider every possibility. Since you are aware that every detail matters.

Your website is the same way. There is no tolerance for error in your website’s copy, coding, or design, just as a crooked fringe or smudged eyeliner is unacceptable. Additionally, neglecting small elements like these will turn away customers.

According to what we stressed in our advice on how to launch a business,

A key element of your marketing and branding plan and one of your new company’s most valuable ambassadors is your website.

People will too quickly assume that you won’t take the same degree of skill and care with their hair or makeup as you would if you didn’t pay attention to detail on your website. The same is true for already established businesses.
Examine your website with the same scrutiny you would give a brand-new beauty item or a new mani. If you don’t catch the errors, customers might.

Taking action:
Check your website’s content for grammar, spelling, and informative mistakes.
Hire a specialist to create your website. Avoid using website builders and free, generic website templates.
Check your website frequently for functioning issues. Verify that all of the forms and links are functioning properly.
Use high-quality photos; avoid using fuzzy or low-resolution images. Spend money on unique, high-quality graphics.
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Humanize your company

Beauty is subjective.

Every time you conduct business with someone, regardless of whether you create beauty items or provide beauty services, they let you into their physical world, which calls for a high level of trust.

Entrusting someone else with your beauty and physical well-being is difficult enough. It’s even more difficult if the stranger is someone you’ve never met and don’t know at all.

Your website, however, can ease that discomfort.

By showcasing your employees on your website, you may increase the credibility of your company. To demonstrate the humanity of your company, display the faces of those working behind the scenes. Customers in the future will appreciate this transparency and genuineness.

Additionally, keep in mind that prospective customers are looking for their next stylist, manicurist, or makeup artist. They will therefore want to identify those individuals. They can find the information they need on a decent website.
Action items: Add a Team page to your website with pictures and summaries of each team member.
If you provide beauty services, make sure to identify each team member’s areas of expertise so that potential clients may schedule an appointment with the appropriate person.

Use photographs to demonstrate your sense of style and expertise.

Vulgar promises lose their impact in comparison to concrete examples.

Everyone in the beauty industry says they make people look good. However, posting images of your work (or customers wearing your stuff) online demonstrates your ability to deliver.

And beauty is a personal matter. Not everyone should use your goods or services. They are intended for those that appreciate your aesthetic.

Customers who share your brand’s aesthetic will be drawn to your posts if you post images that demonstrate it. As a result, you’ll attract and keep more clients.

Therefore, include images on your website that showcase your style and competence. Demonstrate to potential customers that you can be relied upon to make them feel and look great.

Taking action:
Make a gallery of your greatest manicures, hair color clients, or makeup treatments if you’re a freelancer. (Also, never share any customer photographs without their consent.)
Do you own a spa or salon? Then create a page for every member of the team and include a gallery of their finest work on it.
Encourage your customers to upload photos of themselves using your items to Instagram with a specific hashtag if you provide beauty products. Then incorporate a widget that instantly shows those photographs on your website.
Embrace photo uploads from customers with their product reviews.
You need strong branding if you want to be the next Sephora or Glossier. And it includes having a professional, personalized website that displays your attractiveness to the world brand and everything.

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