In a recent shot for Qalamkar's festive lawn Eid edition, Sajal Aly exudes stunning grandeur.-Social Pakora
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In a recent shot for Qalamkar’s festive lawn Eid edition, Sajal Aly exudes stunning grandeur.

Eid is approaching, and all top-tier labels have accelerated their Eid collection launches. You will win the hearts of the people if you use an attractive face to endorse your brand. Sajal Aly is one of the few excellent actors and models who have achieved success and celebrity based only on their own merit. Her magnificent appearance and captivating personality urge everyone to stare at her.

this Eid, Sajal Aly is sponsoring the brand Qalamkar, and their Eid collection, Rahi, is spectacular. She’s dressed in a lovely mauve hue outfit with a mirror and has to work in patterned cloth. The neckline elevates this dress to a celebratory level. Her stunning haircut and light bronze makeup have left us speechless.

Sajal has always maintained a high level of perfection and sophistication in her appearances. Sajal’s split from ex-husband Ahad Raza Mir sparked outrage among her followers. They both remained silent about their breakup, but Sajal’s decision to alter her maiden name on Instagram confirmed the breakup rumours. This once-loved ex-couple still avoids discussing it. Sajal is continuing her work with zeal and earning hearts for her deft handling of the situation.

In the most gorgeous way, Sajal is endorsing Qalamkar’s current collection. She has every reason to make folks fall in love with her in the Ishq e Laa starring. We can’t help but admire her and her beauty.

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