In tough times of cataracts, Sharmila Faruqui criticizes actors attending Hum Awards 2022

Pakistan is suffering from privation. Violent thunderstorm rains touched off the most severe flooding in Pakistan’s history. Flood wash down townlets and small areas and left nothing. To date, further than,569 people have failed and about1.14 million houses have been damaged and over,000 houses have been ruined each across the country.

People are compelled to live outside because they are homeless. Flood victims are lack of eatables, drugs, clothes, and numerous other musts. The main cause of cataracts in Pakistan is corruption, mismanagement, and climate change. Due to poor governance and lack of structure, Pakistan is presently suffering from one of the worst environmental disasters in the world. nearly one- third of the country is aquatic.

Numerous people from abroad come out to help Pakistanis in their tough times

Numerous transnational celebrities are also seen helping and raising mindfulness in their capacities. Mufti Ismail Menk, a famed Islamic scholar of the world, is presently in Pakistan to help and help flood tide victims. Angelina Jolie also arrived in Pakistan. She visited numerous imperfect areas and give a statement that she had noway seen similar miserable conditions of people before.

It’s our duty to support our fellows and our people in this delicate time. A prominent politician and Peoples Party activist in Pakistan, Sharmila Faruqui. has good terms with the showbiz celebrities but this time she’s disappointed.

She posted on her Instagram story and condemn Pakistani celebrities for attending the award show and transnational celebrities are coming to Pakistan and making time to help the victims. She posted some of the filmland which show Angelina Jolie helping the indigent and Pakistani celebrities enjoying themselves in Canada.

Noor Bukhari and Madiha Rizvi also attracted the attention of celebs a few days ago. The public is quick to reply to this situation and called to defer the show as the country is suffering from a sensitive time. Then are the public responses.

What are your studies about this awkward condition? Could n’t the operation of Hum TV cancel the award function this time? Do partake your precious commentary with us. Thanks!

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