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Iqra and Yasir were seen enjoying a good time with friends at the beach

Iqra and her husband are featured in the top social media headlines every day that is remaining. They share almost everything from their private lives on their social media accounts and are overly active in doing so. They also openly accept all online trolling and value the kind words of their fans. Both artists appear to have the same temperament and are unable to keep anything from their loved ones hidden.

From their nuptials through the birth and birthday of their young son, Kabir Hussain, they kept everyone informed. This fun-loving couple just travelled to Dubai without their child since they love to travel.

They enjoyed some peaceful time together without any interruptions or obligations. Yasir Hussain has a unique character, and he could not help but insult others that entered the controversy pool.

After making mistakes of this nature,

One should quietly step aside, observe what happens next, and even enjoy criticism of oneself. Yasir and Iqra enjoy spending time at the beach and frequently go there with their families, however this time they were spotted with friends. They value everyone who has a close emotional connection to them and never fail to live up to expectations placed in them.

This couple is consistently targeted by keyboard warriors who try to make fun of them with their remarks. Speedy fingers got to work as soon as the photos were uploaded, and rude comments about Iqra’s skimpy attire started to appear. The general public does not like her daring appearance and has recommended her to fix the issues with her wardrobe that are drawing criticism. They all appeared confident, even her companions, and everyone present appeared to be having fun together.

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