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Is Jannat Mirza Leaving Pakistan Unaware of the Situation?

Since the Tiktok application was prohibited in Pakistan. The number of Tiktoker issues has skyrocketed. Because many people become celebrities overnight as a result of their use of this programme. Because there is no other forum in Pakistan where people can showcase their talents. Many people took advantage of this opportunity.

In Pakistan, Tiktok was banned after an offensive video was uploaded. Because there are many good individuals who use the app to accomplish good things. There are also some terrible people who use it to do bad things.

Jannat Mirza, who has over 10 million followers on Tiktok. Is at the top of the list of Tiktok celebrities. In terms of followers, she has eclipsed Ayeza Khan, Aiman Khan. And Mahira Khan as the only Pakistani star to do so.

Jannat Mirza’s Tiktok video has received a lot of positive feedback from her followers. And as a result, she is now known by name all over the world. And, of course, every boy is enamoured with her.

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