Jannat Mirza Accused of Disrespecting Christian Cross

Jannat Mirza:

Jannat Mirza is a Pakistani famous Tik Tok Star. She is one of the most admired and followed Tiktok stars in Pakistan. Jannat recently achieved 13.9M followers and was the first Pakistani TikTok star to reach such a massive following. She has got an even better fan following than many famous celebrities of Pakistan’s entertainment industry and has crossed them by getting such a huge amount of followers on Tiktok. She achieved this milestone for her entertaining content which includes Bollywood lip-syncs Slow-motion clips and parodies.

In her recently posted the video, where she was seen wearing a Christian cross on her pant’s waist. Which has offended the Christian community living in Pakistan.

A complement against the Tiktok star has been submitted to the Deputy Director FIA.

To arrest Jannat Mirza for insulting the religious symbol of the Christians.

Veteran actress Bushra Ansari also got furious. And commented on Jannat Mirza’s insensitivity to other religions.

Jannat Mirza reacted on Bushra Ansari’s Comment:

She also reacted to Bushra Ansari’s response to her viral video. She requested her not to judge someone without knowing anything.

Later on, jannat also posted a video where she apologized to her Christian fans and explained the situation.

She Uploaded a Story Replying to Bushra Ansari:

Jannat Mirza took to her Instagram handle and took a stand against this. The TikTok star uploaded an apology video on her TikTok handle and took the issue to her Instagram account. She uploaded a story replying to Bushra Ansari. The TikTok star said, “THIS IS NOT OKAY AT ALL! Pls do not judge anyone before knowing anything, Amma jee (Aunty Bushra) I respect you a lot, but you can’t defame anyone before knowing the facts!

Islam ki baat aap kese krskti hain aunty :>3 aap koe tableegi jamaat nhi chala rahi. AAP bhi singing krti hein, dance krti hein, award shows pe dance performance aapne kiye lekin aaj dosron pe tanqeed waah? Aaj ehsaas huwa waqae aap k paas dil nhi hai. Me bs itna kahungi kisi par tanqeed krne se pehle apne girebaan me zrur jhaanklen. Kbhi kisi pe lanat or kbhi kisi ko baddua k Allah kre tu marjaye. This is not okay at all!!!

Jannat Mirza further added, “Waqt nikaal ke pehle haqeeqat jaaniye phir tanqeed krlijyega . Allah khush rkhe aapko. Amma Jee.” The star used a lot of heart emojis in her reply too.In addition to this, the TikTok star reuploaded the apology video on her Instagram story. She stated that she wore the chain without realizing that it has a cross sign.

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