Love has no age Shagufta Ejaz shares witchingstory of her alternate marriage

Love has no age Shagufta Ejaz shares witchingstory of her alternate marriage-Social Pakora

Applaudable Shagufta Ejaz opens up about her alternate marriage for the first time. After raising her two kids alone, she made the decision to wed Yahya Siddiqui. The elegant actress share her interesting trip of alternate marriage while she appeared on a talk show. Shagufta Ejaz let drop that her current hubby Yahya had proposed to her for marriage.

Shagufta bared that they both have passions for each other and her daughters also feel warm around him but still, she was veritably confused, about whether to say yes or no. After being a single parent of two daughters it was relatively puzzling for her. Well, Yahya was determined to move her and stood by his words and at last, after two times Shagufta Ejaz say yes to him.

Yayha had his own product house where they met for the first time. Graceful actress Shagufta Ejaz shares her dubieties when she was getting into marriage for the 2nd time as there was a huge age gap between both, Whether or not they would always get along, she was upset.

Yahya had grown- up sons from his former marriage as he’s a rich man so his sons were concerned that why a youthful woman is willing to marry their father. Shagufta added that there were some dubieties about his sons as if she was interested in plutocrat. So, they held a meeting with her, and with discussion, they cleared all their enterprises.


Effects come beautiful and easy and now they’re having collective respect and understanding for each other. Shagufta Ejaz is thankful to her hubby, the way he always supported her and her daughters.

Why always the alternate marriage of a woman whether she’s a widow or disassociated considered bad in our society? Partake your review with us. Thanks!

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