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Maya is being urged by netizens to accept his dinner invitation

Haris Rauf is a Pakistani cricketer who will play his first international match for his country in 2020. In 2018, this gifted cricketer represented Lahore Qalandars. Following his outstanding performance against New Zealand. This emerging star has climbed to the 17th position in the T20 international rankings. Haris Rauf appears to enjoy Pakistani drama.

He is undeniably a Maya Ali fan. And he recently shared a video of him watching Jo Bichar Gaye. He was previously known for his glowing remarks about Maya Ali’s acting abilities. And he yearned for a dinner meeting with her. His recent tweet about watching Maya Ali’s drama has sparked a funny debate on social media. With some speculating that this guy has a major crush on her.

Maya Ali hasn’t said anything about it, but netizens aren’t taking it lying down. Maya Ali is being tagged in various posts about Haris Rauf’s emotions for her. Someone on social media suggested that Maya think about Rauf’s affections for her. And accept his invitation to supper. Some argue that Harris is a gentleman and that Maya should reconsider their relationship.

Haris didn’t have to work hard to get rid of Martin Guptil. According to one social media user, but Maya’s date is making him work extra hard. It’s hilarious to see how the public reacts to Haris Rauf’s crush on Maya Ali. By the way, it’s safe to assume that they’d form an absolutely stunning couple. Will they or won’t they?

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