Meerab and Murtasim tied the knot in drama periodical ‘ Tere Bin ’

Currently, the drama periodical Tere Bin is raising on Geo Television. Which is another big megahit drama diurnal of Geo TV. The public of India and Pakistan are watching this drama with great interest. And every occasion of this drama is trending on YouTube. In this drama, Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali have won the hearts of the people. And the loving part of Murtasim and Meerab in the drama is being liked by the people.

Wahaj and Yumna are two of Pakistan’s most well-liked performers. Both have been seen working in the Pakistani showbiz assiduity for the once severalyears.


Hum television’s drama periodical Pyar Ke Sadqay. Came veritably popular among the people in which Yumna made people happy by playing a different part. If we talk about the successful drama of Yumna. Wahaj, on the other hand, gained fame through her role in the drama magazine Ehd-e-Wafa, which is produced by the ISPR.

The happy news in moment’s occasion is that Meerab and Murtasim have tied the knot. After resolving the rift caused by Meerab before the marriage. The couple tied the knot when she refused the marriage and left the venue.

Murtasim quickly reached a resolution after agreeing to her requirements. And the pair were shortly wed. Yes, the hashtag for Meerab Weds Murtasim’s nuptials is also popular on Twitter.

There’s no mistrustfulness about this Pakistani actress Yumna Zaidi has been seen. As a bridegroom numerous times. And she looks veritably beautiful in her matrimonial look due to her simplicity. Dressed in a red ensemble as ‘ Murtasim ’ s ’ bridegroom, Yumna Zaidi looked overjoyed. As she got married in the drama periodical Tere Bin.

still, also check out the below! If you guys also want to see some filmland of Yumna Zaidi. And Wahaj Ali getting married in the drama periodical Tere Bin.

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