Mehwish Hayat's desire for the groom is revealed by Humayun Saeed, who states, "Shadi ke liye isko gora chahiye."-Social Pakora
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Mehwish Hayat’s desire for the groom is revealed by Humayun Saeed, who states, “Shadi ke liye isko gora chahiye.”

The most talented and outstanding actress is Mehwish Hayat. Her captivating performances have garnered her countless fans, and each one of her performances consistently ranks as the greatest. Mehwish’s performance in the film Punjab Nahi Jaungi received a lot of praise. Her commitment to the role and enthusiasm for the performance with Perfection make the scene fun to watch.

This Eid UL Azha, her forthcoming film London Nahi Jaunga with Humayun Saeed is set to be released, and fans can’t wait to see her on large screens. Mehwish Hayat is busy promoting her film, and these promotions give us a glimpse of her.

Recently, Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat were seen giving an interview to Fuchsia magazine. As you are all aware, every interview is entertaining to watch thanks to Rabia Mughni’s relaxed and amazing style. In a similar vein, we valued having them on the programme. Mehwish Hayat was asked about her marriage plans during the show, and she firmly stated that she would prefer to choose Pakistani men as she grew older. However, this sombre conversation quickly turned comical when Humayun Saeed entered the fray and voiced his opinion on Mehwish Hayat’s choice of partner.

Mehwish Hayat blushed when he said that she truly wanted GORA for shadi, and age couldn’t stop giggling.

She holds the opinion. Bs Dil Wala Hu Kala Hu Gora Ho. We are aware that all she seeks is a sincere heart. We adore their friendship, and this Fuchsia magazine episode was wonderful.

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