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Few days prior, we witnessed Mental Health Day on 10th October 2020. To assure you, this article is not about depression or anxiety. Go ahead.

Today in this article I’m going to talk about the monsters in our head. Surprised? Is this really true that monsters live in our head? To your wonder, yes they do live in our head, and not only one or two but thousands of them, who are the cause of lack of peace in our life.

Even if we don’t know or we don’t talk about those monsters in our head, they’re still there. Present in our mind. They keep us awake till late night, haunt us in our dreams, wake up with us and make us tired without any reason.

The real questions, what are those monsters? Why they keep hounding us? How to keep them away?

Here are your answers which I’m going to explain with the help of an example.

What do we mean when we say after crying we sleep better?

There can be lot of reasons for weeping such as worries, heart break, disappointment, regret and so on. What are these? Emotions, right? And we treat them like they are some sort of sin. This is how emotions that is natural, that make you human become monsters.

All the negative energy that you allow to reside in your body and mind affects you disturbs you and when you keep feeding them they become strong and make you vulnerable. That’s the answer!

When you worry or experience any kind of heart break rather making peace with it (accepting it) you start fighting- asking unnecessary, irrelevant questions, talking negative- why I did it, now what will happen, I’m not capable of doing anything and so no. And all these negative energy you feed yourself, pile up and conspire against you. First you let them in and then they refuse to go out. Every time you try to forget it, it becomes stronger multiply by 10. You tell them to stop torturing you but they don’t. You keep fighting them till they make you hell tired and you’re no longer conscious- you’re asleep. Hang in here, now understand this. It is you who planted the seeds for the monsters, you fed them up and now look what you’re harvesting poisonous fruit, because it was you who made a mistake in the very first step. Imagine if you’d planted the right seed- the positive seed, automatically further steps would have been right as well.

When something bad happens or something you didn’t expect, you let your emotions dominate you. All the damn time we are fighting with our emotions. On the contrary, we should make peace with them. Even negative emotions can be treated like positive. Before telling you how to make negative emotions positive, let me give a little more explanation for the upper point.

Now look up, not the ceiling, a little above your head. There’s a thought bubble, find it? No? Then create it. Now picture, what I’m saying. There’s a person and a monster in the brain. The person is crying, hitting the monster, telling him to stop tormenting him- feeding the negative energy. The more he gets angry, the more he suffers. The monster is cruel. He is laughing and making fool out of him. Finally, the person gets tired & vulnerable and the monster much stronger. The person didn’t get what it wants that is peace, but the monster got what he desired that is anger- negative energy.

How to convert negative energy into positive energy:

It’s all about perspective. How you take negative emotions. Anger, disappointment, regret all are negative emotions, but emotions. Whenever something against a person’s expectation happens, we label it as ‘bad’, without considering that it might be just a slight change in the plan.

Anything negative (according to you) happens, we start over thinking it. And the worst part is we always assume worst. What if we just stop doing it? Here’s an idea. Whatever happen think about it, the idea is to think when you’re feeling fresh and ready but as we can’t wait for that time, start thinking at the moment.

Take a deep breath and think from the very start what actually happened not what you think happened. Now see who’s at fault in it. If you’re at fault accept it that you did it, it was your mistake and a mistake that is more like a lesson and you’ll not to commit again. If it wasn’t you at fault but the other person, than accept that anybody can make mistakes. Nobody is perfect and you’ve to be the bigger person and replace grudge- a negative emotion, with positive emotion forgiveness. Not for them but for your own good.

How true it is. Start plucking each negative emotion and replace it to positive emotion, sadness to happiness, hate to love, distress to serenity, regret & disappointment to hope and etc. Make your mind a garden- beautiful and peaceful place, not a jungle- where monsters live and you’re scared to dwell.

Final thoughts:

We have to conquer from these monsters but we don’t have to fight, we have to make peace with them. If you start thinking positive these monsters will no longer get feed and one day they will vanish. Today, and right now, start replacing negative emotions with positive emotions.

Do whatever it takes to remain serene. Walk, jog, meditate and leave people and places that serve you no good and everything that disturbs your balance. The more you’re calm, the more you’re positive. Period.

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