Muneeb Butt degrades Aiman Khan by saying that she looks like "Seengh Wali Bail,"-Social Pakora
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Muneeb Butt degrades Aiman Khan by saying that she looks like “Seengh Wali Bail,”

The ideal duo of Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan provides hilarious entertainment for their audience. They are currently travelling extensively from Karachi to Lahore and subsequently Nathia Gali. They frequently post photos and videos from the tour on their social media accounts. The entire family is very happy and enjoys one other’s presence. They don’t need anyone else to keep them entertained; they can do it on their own.

Muneeb Butt recently asked Aiman to predict what he observed in a humorous video that their fan page recently posted. She purposefully responded, “You saw a moon,” but Muneeb, in an amusing exchange, pointed to a statue of a bull face with horns and said, “I’ve discovered your selfie.” Everyone in attendance was belly-laughing the entire time. Aiman never loses her cool when she is made fun of, and she also takes pleasure in the moment wholeheartedly.

When Minal and Aiman’s mother was once invited on a morning show, she was questioned regarding the character of the twins’ sister. She responded that whereas Aiman has a very peaceful and humble attitude, Minal is a little stubborn and has a fiery nature. She is the only one who is capable of managing Minal Khan better.

Despite the fact that both sisters are twins, Aiman always assumes the position of the big sister and acts responsibly.

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