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Naimal Khawar recalls his favourite memories at his sister’s wedding.

Fiza Khawar is the younger sister of Naimal Khawar, a well-known television personality. In December 2020, she married Mr. Abdullah Khan, a man she adored. Because both families belong to the Pashtun culture, the family is beautiful. Naimal’s mother is a Persian woman who is married to a Pakistani man and lives happily in Pakistan with their children.
Fiza Khawar is well-known for her wedding photos, in which she resembled Indian actress Noreh Fatehi, and some have compared her to Madhuri Dixit. At her Barat and Walima celebration, she looked stunning. The wedding was not easy, but it appeared to be magnificent. Many more television stars were also seen there, many of them had stunning looks.

Fiza wore a very nice and pricey gown made by Misha Lakhani to walima. In a pink dress with a colourful tika, she looked stunning. Naimal and Fiza are inseparably linked. Their closeness may be evident in the photos they’ve shared on social media. Following her weight loss, Naimal shared numerous photos with her sister. Naimal and Hamza have darling children, however after giving birth, Naimal shed a lot of weight and now looks like an unmarried beautiful lady.
Naimal, too, looked stunning in her attire, and her hairdo was also quite nice.

Happily, the newlyweds Fiza and Abdullah received numerous prayers from the married couple, who will soon fly to the United States, where they will dwell for the next few years.
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