Neha Rajpoot and Shahbaz Taseer embrace in a maternity photoshoot for BLACK GOWN.-Social Pakora
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Neha Rajpoot and Shahbaz Taseer embrace in a maternity photoshoot for BLACK GOWN.

With her exquisite wedding photos, Neha Rajpoot, the most amazing, extremely gorgeous, and stunning model, caught the internet by storm. Neha is noted for her stunning beauty and gracefulness. She is Pakistan’s top model, and we see her promoting every major brand and designer. Their wedding caused controversy since Shahbaz Taseer was accused of having an adulterous romance with Neha Rajpoot. The couple is a long way apart in age.
They welcomed their newborn child just a few months after their wedding. This news has sparked yet another debate on social media, with some speculating that the couple was expecting this child even before they married. Many people were perplexed as to how they had become parents in just six months.

Neha’s husband posted a lovely post thanking her for enduring all the pain and suffering with a smile on her face after it was suggested that she might have a preterm delivery. People continued to criticise them because neither of them addressed the claims. With their latest posts, this duo has once again enraged the public. Their pregnant photoshoot has made many people uncomfortable on the internet.
Despite the fact that the baby has arrived, the couple chose to offer a glimpse of their

wonderful pregnancy photoshoot recently. Neha is dressed in a black gown that shows off her pregnant belly. People are literally not slowing down and are voicing new concerns. People claim that photoshoots like this promote shameful behaviour.These matters should be kept private.
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