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Netizens are trolling Rabeeca Khan for celebrating her 18th birthday

Rabeeca Khan is a notorious TikToker and YouTuber. She’s a social media star with a massive addict following. On social media, stunning Rabeeca Khan develops a following as a stylish star. Cutie pie Rabeeca Khan is getting notorious snappily over social media because of her good lip sync vids.

The intriguing fact about Rabeeca is that she’s the son of funnyman Kashif Khan. Both father and son have made their name on their own. With good aesthetics , astonishing Rabeeca Khan is good at singing as well as she got a melodious voice. She stepped into modeling and got high appreciation from her suckers.

Elegant Rabeeca is notorious for her innocence and comeliness. There are numerous growing trends on TikTok and Rabeeca Khan is always up to date on her videos.

Rabeeca Khan lately participated herpre-birthday print bump. She uploaded her videotape, and in the videotape, she’s seen celebrating her 18 birthday bash. She’s posing with 2 balloons showing the number 18, which hints at her age. Rabeeca Khan had been combed numerous times on social media for her age.

Frequently, people asked about her age and she always answers that she’s only 16 or 17. formerly again in herpre-birthday videotape, netizens come forward to comb her. It seems like TikToker Rabeeca celebrates her 18th birthday every time. People are guessing her age that she might be 23 or 24 but she’s still pretending like an 18 times old baby girl.

Why are these TikTokers reluctant to disclose their true ages? What do you suppose about it? Do n’t forget to give feedback. Thanks!

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