Nida Yasir has been heavily chastised for making a joke about dark skin pigmentation with Babar Azam

Nida Yasir has been heavily chastised for making a joke about dark skin pigmentation with Babar Azam-Social Pakora

Nida Yasir For a long time, he has hosted the morning show on ARY digital. She’s the only morning show host who hasn’t quit. And has done exceptionally well for a period of time. Throughout her long trip, she has been severely chastised for a variety of items and concerns. On a more positive side, her morning programme has consistently delivered excellent results throughout the years.

Nida Yasir was recently chastised after a video of her went viral. In which she misinterpreted the notion of racing cars. People chastised her for poor research after she made an error with formula cars. Despite the fact that the video was from 2016, it was still worth seeing. Nida Yasir bravely never took the criticism personally. And subsequently apologised and recognised that she could have done better research.

Her other old footage from her morning programme. In which she was seen interviewing Babar Azam, has recently gone viral on social media. Babar Azam was asked by the highly Nida Yasir. About the qualities he desired in her future wife. She went on to ask about the physical attributes he looks for in a bride. Babar Azam rightly said that we should both be on the same page.

Nida Also Inquired

About his expectations for the physical appearance of his future bride. Citing traits such as height, wide eyes, and long hair. When asked about worldly factors like height, huge eyes, and lovely hair. He replied that all he wants is mutual understanding. She recently asked if he would prefer a female with a fair complexion. Or a black girl who said things like Kali Bhi Chalay gi! Babar responded that he is fine with any complexion. The people were particularly upset by her expressions when she spoke Kali.

People expressed their grief and outrage. As soon the video of Nida Yasir’s conversation with Babar Azam became popular on social media.

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