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On his 38th birthday, Naimal Khawar sends her spouse Hamza Abbasi a loving greeting

Naimal Khawar and Hamza Ali Abbasi continue to grab attention thanks to their remarkable chemistry and connection. They both continue to display their love for one another on social media platforms, and people constantly respond by praising them greatly. Celebrity couples often post romantic photos on social media to celebrate their loved ones’ birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays like Eid.

There may be some sincere couples who are truly enjoying their time together where there is a lot of social media show off. Recently, Naimal Khawar posted a birthday message for her husband Hamza Ali Abbasi on social media.

We are all aware that Naimal was likely preparing to surprise him, so this birthday greeting is simply amazing.How could Hamza miss the opportunity to express his love when Naimal Khawar wrote happy birthday to the love of his life? Hamza responded with thanks a lot, my love. These two adorable people are the ideal coupling. The admiration of Hamza Ali Abbasi’s supporters is evident. We simply can’t look away from these stunning women. Following a post regarding specific religious beliefs, Hamza Ali suddenly found himself at the centre of a controversy.

It’s important to note that he left the entertainment profession to learn about Islam. He needs to amend his thoughts after his tweet regarding Imam Mehdi made people livid. Despite being off the air, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar continue to update their followers on the newest events in their lives.

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