Few days prior, we witnessed Mental Health Day on 10th October 2020. To assure you, this article is not about depression or anxiety. Go ahead. Today in this article I’m going to talk about the monsters in our head. Surprised? Is this really true that monsters live in our head? To your wonder, yes they … Read more

Why Pakistan banned TikTok?

 TikTok is home to viral phenomena, amusing pranks, and famous dance competitions, but an app that created or ruined the careers of our youth. Some of those who live off the app have clear views on this issue. TikTok is very popular among young Pakistanis. TikTok was the third most downloaded app (after WhatsApp and … Read more

Bollywood actress Sana Khan says she is turning to religion, quits career

Sana khan decided to leave the “showbiz lifestyle forever“. In her Instagram post she says “Finally, all brothers and sisters are requested to not consult me with regards to any showbiz work henceforth,” Khan said. She Shared a detailed post on her Instagram Profile. Sana Khan is a former Indian actress, model and dancer. Sana Khan … Read more

Business and Covid-19

“This pandemic has become an existential threat for the businesses all around the World.” SMALL SCALE BUSINESSES Small businesses have more closure rates than the businesses on a larger scale. As micro firmsand small businesses have no spare cash in hand so they have been shut down permanently. Itdoesn’t matter if the small business has … Read more

Pakistan bans TikTok after complaints of 'indecent' content

Pakistan has barred the Chinese social media app TikTok from filtering out “immoral and obscene” content, the country’s telecommunications authority said. Pakistan is an Islamic republic, and the content of TikTok is not pleasant to watch in that republic. The decision was taken following several complaints from different segments of society, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority … Read more


Pakistan has been the first Muslim country to declare a man’s dowry illegal. In recent developments, the Pakistani Minister of Religious Affairs has agreed to ban the practice of dowry in which the groom and his family ask for a dowry and then place it on display. After the decision, Pakistan became the first Muslim … Read more


   Social media? “websites and applications that enable users to create, and share content and to participate in social networking” it is explained well in google terms. The majority of the individuals are using all the biggest network of social media, especially it is used by the younger generation, and get hooked to this site. … Read more