Pakistani actor Sohail Ahmed makes his Bollywood debut with ‘ Babe Bhangra Paunde Ne’

Pakistani actor Sohail Ahmed makes his Bollywood debut with ‘ Babe Bhangra Paunde Ne'-Social Pakora

Sohail Ahmed is a notorious and well- known Pakistani funnyman stage and television actor. Another name of this funnyman is Azizi. He’s also an actor, patron, and also pen. But, Sohail Ahmed is substantially known as a Comedy King. Hasb e Hal’s comedy show was liked by utmost of the public just because of Azizi. Aftab Ahmed made the character of Azizi for Sohail Khan as he knew no bone differently can perform it in an amazing way.

Sohail Ahmed has also been awarded the Pride of Performance award on 23rd March 2011 by the also chairman of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari. lately, a piece of news broke that our fabulous actor and funnyman Sohail Ahmed is going to be a part in an Indian Film. Sohail Ahmed has been scripted with Indian megastar Diljaip Dosanjh and notorious actress Sargan Mahta. In a film Bebe Bhangra Paunde Na.

The director of this film is also our megastar Diljaip Dosanjh. The patron of this masterpiece is Amrijhit Singh. The venue named for this film in America. recently, the caravan of the film has been released in which we can see that our comedy star Sohail Ahmed is having the part of Diljaip’s father.

The main story of the film is that after the death of Diljaip’s father( Sohail Ahmed), Diljaip has to take care of the business along with his musketeers. The first functionary caravan of the film was released was Diljaip and this caravan is having a lot of success and relish by suckers from each over the world. The film will be released on 5th October 2022 in playhouses & all over the world.

Are you guys agitated about Sohail Ahmed’s performance in the film? Partake your feedback. Thank you!!

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