Pakistani intelligencer’s Arshad Sharif body reaches Islamabad

Pakistani intelligencer's Arshad Sharif body reaches Islamabad-Social Pakora

What was staying for hours had eventually arrived. The body of martyred Pakistani intelligencer Arshad Sharif was brought from Kenya to Islamabad field. Yes, on the night of October 23rd, Pakistani intelligencer Arshad Sharif was martyred by bobbieson the road in Kenya. After this incident, the police claimed that we fired at the incorrect vehicle as a result of inaccurate information. But the future will reveal to everyone what is true and what is a taradiddle.

Few people are aware that Arshad Sharif hosted ARY News’ popular programme Power Play for the past 8 episodes. One of the special effects about this intelligencer was that he used to speak on every subject where corruption or if work wasn’t being done for the good of the people, he’d raise his voice on it.

However, there came a point when 16 cases were filed against him in various Pakistani police stations, forcing him to flee the country.

On the evening of October 23,

Arshad Sharif was shot and killed in Kenya. The only demand of the public and the intelligencer community. And his mama was that the body of their son should be brought to Pakistan as soon as possible. That’s why the government of Pakistan laboriously shared in it and fulfilled it. And it’s verified that intelligencer Arshad Sharif’s body has been transferred. From Islamabad Airport to Quaid-e-Azam International sanitarium.

Not only government officers and family cousins were there to admit Arshad Sharif’s body. But a large number of common people of Islamabad also attended to pay their felicitations to Arshad Sharif. It can be seen in the viral filmland that people are seen throwing rose petals. When the ambulance leaves for the sanitarium with Arshad’s body from Islamabad Airport. These images give the impression that the New Pakistani revolution is about to take place.

Don’t forget to supplicate for the remission of Pakistani intelligencer Arshad Sharif in the commentary below. We supplicate to Allah to raise the species of the departed. And give tolerance to his entire family. Ameen

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