Public is considering Adnan Raza Mir’s entry into showbiz as another product of nepotism

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Well the news of Adnan Raza Mir’s entrance in showbiz assiduity is really bothering netizens. The public isn’t ready to accept has the purest entry. He’s getting linked up with the term nepotism. So how people are feeling about him. In which drama he’s appearing and whom he replaced? To get the answers, all you need to do is to read this composition.

Let’s launch with Adnan Raza Mir’s preface. Well, surely this chocolaty forthcoming idol needs no preface as his father Asif Raza Mir. And family Ahad Raza Mir both have done tremendous work in the assiduity. The news of Adnan Raza Mir’s venturing into the assiduity is making rounds on social media.

Well he has replaced actor Mustafa Babar for an forthcoming Ramadan play.

And guess Which channel it’s going to be telecasted. Yes surely Hum television has cast him for an forthcoming design. People are truly not impressed with this news. He’s regarded as another product of nepotism. People are of the view that nepotism is literally at its peak. And you don’t need to have any gift if you belong to a strong showbiz background.

One of the people reflected that Hum TV has always promoted nepotism. From Nauman Ijaz’s son Zaviyar to Zeba Bakhtayar’s son Azaan Sami Khan. And now Adnan Raza Mir all have been introduced by Hum TV. Well, beginners who do n’t have any strong background have the right to get the same occasion as these stars are having.

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