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Saleem Sheikh’s daughter, Sunehray Din’s famous actress, is set to make her acting debut

Javed Sheikh’s younger brother, Saleem Sheikh, is a veteran actor. Saleem is a Pakistani television and cinema actor. He began his adult acting career in the popular PTV programme Sunehray Din. He had previously worked as a child artist. Sunehray Din appeared to be an incredible serial that brought him renown.
Many members of the Sheikh family work in the entertainment industry. Famous performers include Javed Sheikh and his son Shehzad Sheikh, daughter Momal Sheikh, then Saleem Sheikh, and their brother-in-law Behroze Sabzwari and his son Shehroz Sabzwari. Momal Sheikh recently arrived on the show and said that Saleena is the Sheikh family’s next rising actor.

Saleena Sheikh is Saleem’s second daughter. He’s the father of three daughters. Saleena is still active on social media, where she frequently posts images. Momal Sheikh looks just like Saleena. All of these cousins were recently seen together in Shan e Suhoor, GMP.
Shehzad and Shehroz claim that, aside from their physical appearances, Saleena and Momal share the same traits of being hyperactive and irritable. According to Momal, Saleem’s uncle used to make her jealous of their boy’s gang, so Allah brought another Momal into their home. On GMP, all of the cousins appear to be having amusing and fascinating discussions.

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